About our company

Our Story:

We launched Opulence Watch Store with a very low product offer. This means we will send you inexpensive product and we only keep a very small profit.

But why would we do this? Well actually it's quite simple...

  • We are sure you will absolutely LOVE what we sell and use it a lot.
  • People will ask where you got them... and you will say "Opulence".
  • This will create word of mouth advertising for our paid product range, which is far more powerful than traditional advertising.
  • Since our launch, over 20% of customers who got a cheap watch have told someone else about our watches. This is where our brand spreads and grows into something incredible so we can give you even cheaper products with gaining quality

 Our goal:

  • To give you a high quality product that you love and wear and talking about
  • Build a brand with loyal customers and experienced workers
  • Keep getting better and improving any and everything about ourselves